10 Common Mistakes Network Marketers Make
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10 Common Mistakes Network Marketers Make
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Many network marketers are guilty of doing so many things wrongly, and these in turn accounts for one of the reasons why the industry's reputation has suffered a great deal, and people now associate it with terms like ponzi or pyramid scheme. Making mistakes is normal as a human, I mean, we all make mistakes at one point or the other. So today, I’m going to sharing  with you some of the common mistakes network marketers make that turns back to haunt them, and hope we try to make ammends.


1. Choosing the wrong network marketing company.

As many as the network companies are globally, choosing the right company to join becomes a cause of concern. These companies range from health, fitness, skin care, and so on… now, choosing the wrong company means you are setting yourself up for failure even before you begin the business. Getting the right company is very important to your success in the business.

one of the characteristics of right company is the free coaching service they render to new and existing business owners.

One of the remedies to this is that you choose a company that deals with consumable products. 
NOTE: be careful before joining a new company as it might be too much of a risk. They need to be tested and trusted for longevity. Avoid companies that are less than three years old.

2. Starting the business with wrong expectation

When new people join the network marketing industry research show that about 69% are joining with the intention to become multi-millionaires in the next few weeks. And funny enough many of these people are not willing to do the needful to achieve these unrealistic goals of theirs. And when these expectations are not met, they begin to call the industry all sorts of offensive names.
One of the biggest differences between network marketing and 9-5 is that one is a business and one is a job. A job is where you sell your time for money; a network marketing business is where you take your time to build a system that will pay your bills for life. Now, building this system should take a while, therefore, a lot of patience will be needed to start up the right way.
You have to go through a learning curve of things you have never done before. And remember, even gold need to go through fire to become a fine gold.

3. Listening to the dream killers around you
The truth is that majority of the people around you would not buy the idea of you starting your own network marking business due to some “so-called” reasons. At this point its important to note that this people don’t share the same dream with you and so should not have the final say in your business.
The problem is that people love giving their own opinions. It is very common and one of the biggest killer of dreams for newbies in the industry. 
To avoid this dilemma you must discipline yourself not to take advice from everyone especially those that have never done the business before.
REMEMBER: you are the captain of your ship, the owner of your business.


4. Choosing the wrong business partners
Success in this business depends to a large extent on finding the right people to partner with and then giving them what they need to become successful as well. 

5. Talking too much
So many network marketers are guilty of this right!  Talking too much is one of the biggest mistakes network marketers make. When I joined the business newly, filled with excitement, and a drive to succeed I often found myself making this mistake too. Talking too much when prospecting makes you look so unprofessional and believe me, nobody would want to work with you. 
So instead of talking too much, ask your prospect some questions and let them do the talking, your goal is to know what their problems are and find a way to solve it using your opportunity. That is what I call positioning in the business. That’s how it works.

6. Choosing hype over common sense
This mistake is one that has caused the network marketing a lot of problem. Most network marketers in an attempt to make people join their network  choose to hype the company’s products and opportunity and as a result deceive people to join them. Now, when things don’t go according to plan for this people, most of them shut their doors at the industry calling it all sorts of names.

My advice, be real! Call a spade a spade, let people join your network with the intention to work hard and  build a solid team for themselves NOT  to make easy money like you have made them to believe. IT IS VERY WRONG

Others include;
7. Quitting your full time job too soon
8. Jumping from one company to another
9. Being too pushy in an attempt to convince a prospect
10. Quitting the business too soon

Now, everyone makes mistakes in life, however what really matters is learning from your mistakes and becoming a better person than you were. 

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Mercy Okeke
How can we choose a trustworthy mom company in Nigeria
October 29, 2019 1:58am
Dennis Uchechukwu
Comment...This is mind blowing
August 2, 2019 2:19pm
Peter Ihunwo
Nice article sir
February 27, 2019 3:42pm
Sophia David
So sir can we get a list of trusted network marketing companies in Nigeria?
October 17, 2018 10:37pm
Adie Cypriano replied to Sophia David
You can as well contact me via adiecypriano@gmail.com for more on that. Or subscribe to my mail list
October 19, 2018 1:54am
Adie Cypriano replied to Sophia David
Here's what I'd do, I'm gonna be giving you my recommendation rather. Will be writing on that subsequently on this blog. In no particular order, AIM Global, Forever Living, oriflame, Green world. These are my top recommendations for now
October 19, 2018 1:50am
Theo Ojo
Indeed sir, many of us are guilty of these noted points. I wish more people like you would be there to serve as our guides. Thank you, gonna share these with my team.
October 17, 2018 5:16am
Adie Cypriano replied to Theo Ojo
Feel free to learn and grow wiser sir, that's why its called experience
October 19, 2018 1:55am