How To Get Yourself Motivated In Your Business
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How To Get Yourself Motivated In Your Business
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In the ever expanding, challenging and competitive world of network marketing, it is not uncommon to see distributors that become overwhelmed for one reason or the other especially when they are not getting the results they want.  And then they begin to wonder If they will ever become successful in the business. Well, I have to tell you that feelings like this are normal, I have personally had that kind of feeling many times. However, the way you handle such days is really important to your overall cause.  Having an internal motivation is key in situations like that. This is because you can have the biggest dream, the biggest goals but if you lack the internal motivation to pursue them, the chance are you’d never achieve them. Here are some few tips to help you get going and keep you motivated even when you feel like giving up.

#1. Have a positive attitude
It is no longer a secret that in this business of ours, there are days when you get “NO” from  prospects and you begin to feel emotional about it. That could have a very big psychological effect on you and if care is not taken, negative thoughts begin to creep into your mind. A positive little thought could prove vital in situations like this. 
A positive attitude is one of the core ingredients for success in network marketing. It is really necessary for you to believe that you can achieve your goals even when failure is staring at you in the face. There’s a popular saying that “ what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”.   Challenges are supposed to make you stronger, see it that way and move on. See your challenge as an opportunity to learn something new, not a barrier to stop you from progressing.  Look for something positive in every situation.  Channel your energy towards that positivity, you might just find a reason to hang in there for longer.

#2. Remember the alternative to success
The alternative to success is failure and of course you don’t  want to be tagged a failure right! So when you find  in a struggling position in the business and finding it hard to get yourself motivated, remembering the alternative to success might just give you another reason to continue trying.

#3. Take action 
When you get to that situation where self-doubt  about your ability to do well in your network marketing business begins to cloud your mind, you’d discover that you starting finding more and more excuses to justify your weakness. My advice, buckle your shoe and swing into action one more time. There’s a saying that “one hour in the field is worth 20 hours in the classroom”. Start taking action again, learn and improve your knowledge and gradually you will get better and better. Do something productive everyday, these could breed a core set of good habits that might just be the turning point for you. Do something everyday to keep yourself on track. Consistency can help you win the game of life.

#4. Have a vision
Tie  your vision to your core desires. Whats your WHY? What’s pushing you? What’s driving you? If you can weave these things that you really want to see happen in your life and link them with a core desire in your heart…link them to the “bigger picture”. You will win everytime you struggle. And you will never cease to have motivation!  


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it was helpful indeed sir. Thanks
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Your article are the best
August 2, 2019 2:15pm
Victor Edet
Thanks coach
October 23, 2018 7:52am
Adie Cypriano replied to Victor Edet
You're always welcome sir. For questions you can reach me via
November 7, 2018 2:53am