How To Handle Rejections and Objections In Your MLM Business
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How To Handle Rejections and Objections In Your MLM Business
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If not for anything,  the major objectives of an entrepreneur is to solve a problem and make profit doing so. Now one of the ways this is going to be possible is by selling.  And for those already in the world of sales, you already know by now that rejection is imminent at some point.
Selling is what everyone does every time, many people just don’t know they are selling stuff, many of the people I’ve met during my network marketing adventure so far even claims they don’t like selling. Most times I just smile at that comment,  do you know why? Its simple, most people actually don’t mind selling, what they are afraid of is just OBJECTIONS and REJECTIONS from other people.

No matter what you are selling, be it food, phones, cars, weight loss supplements e.t.c or even an opportunity, you will face rejections and objections along the way. Some of the common objections you get from people include:
I’m too busy
I cant afford it
Not really interested
I’ve never heard of you, the product or the service
Its too expensive
I’ll think about it etc…
This could be really frustrating for you especially if you are a newbie in the business and are not deeply  knowledgeable about the business.  Many times I’ve be caught off guard by some of these comments, and boom! I begin to loose my hold on the conversation. Believe me it not a good position to be if you are not positive minded. As a result, I've put together some tips to help you get through moments like this, hopefully they might work for you too.

#1 Build a solid rapport and trust: when people trust you and are fond of you it becomes very hard for them to turn your offer down especially when they know its not going to land them in any sort of trouble. By creating a trustworthy atmosphere with people you will have a much easier time answering objections because they will believe what you are saying. Even when some of them are skeptical about it, the trust they have in you will make them go ahead 

#2. Be the first hand product of your product: just like one of my trainers use to say during our company's OPP, you as a marketer need to be the first product of your product. This simply means, you should have a first hand knowledge of your product, and even using them personally; it builds confidence when talking about it with other people.  You should be the first testimony of the product, it helps. WHEN PEOPLE SEE THE VALUE OF WHAT YOU HAVE, MONEY WILL ALWAYS FIND A WAY TO COME OUT IN EXCHANGE FOR YOUR PRODUCT OR SERVICES.


#3 Always be honest:  many entrepreneurs are guilty of choosing hype over common sense, when it comes to sales. As a result, lies begin to creep into your conversation with others. It could be embarrassing if that person later discovers that what you’ve been telling them about your product, service, or opportunity has been lies all along. 

#4. Thank them for objecting: this is a technique that if done well will take the fire from the potential customer.  When they give an objection, thank them for bringing that up because you want to completely have them sure they are making the proper choice… and proceed to rebut the objection tactfully

#5. Detach yourself from your emotions: in my previous post listed this point and I will do it again, that’s  how important it is. As a network marketer, you’ve got to separate your emotions from the outcome of your prospecting. Do not take any objections personal. Just see it as business as usual, focus on learning what you did wrong during the cause of prospecting and improve .

So that’s it for now, I will be sharing other tips later in future, but before i stop I need to tell you that as an entrepreneur you must experience rejections at one point or the other, so instead of crashing whenever it hits you, find a way to absorb and reboot. Not everybody you meet out there needs what you are offerring, Your product or opportunity isn't meant to solve everybody's problems, so quit giving yourself sleepless nights over one or few rejections. Move on!

I hope this was helpful, feel free to share using any of these platforms below. See you at the top

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John Daniel
indeed Ive got a lot to learn about network marketing. thank You
March 26, 2019 3:55am
Adie Cypriano replied to John Daniel
In all honesty, we all do sir! Our progress in life stops the day we stop learning
August 8, 2019 10:51pm
Nice article sir
February 18, 2019 1:31pm
Adie Cypriano replied to Freda
You are welcome
August 8, 2019 10:49pm
Bobby Adam Jnr
The article is mind blowing....
December 4, 2018 9:23am
Adie Cypriano replied to Bobby Adam Jnr
I'm glad it made sense to you
December 11, 2018 1:52pm


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