Online Prospecting Do's and Don'ts For Network Marketers (Part 1)
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Online Prospecting Do's and Don'ts For Network Marketers (Part 1)
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							During  the early years of network marketing, people would  have to devote most of their time on telephone calls, flyer distribution on roads and face to face presentations inorder to grow their business; while that was very much effective back then , it was simply tiring and could easily lead to burnout. In recent times all those have changed though they are still in practice even as I type this post. The primary vehicle that has changed the way network marketing prospecting is done is no other than the almighty internet. And the fuel that runs the internet prospecting era is  no other than the social  media sites.  Facebook, twitter, linked in, and messengers such as Whatsapp and others…

While the social media is a very effective tool to use this days to prospect, there  are many ways to you could easily go out of hand when trying to present an opportunity or sales to prospects.  There are many ways you could do it right and many ways you could easily do it wrongly without even knowing. So I’ve put together some DO’s and DON’Ts in social media prospecting to help entrepreneurs make the most out of  online prospecting.

DO: Create A Relationship
This days getting people to see what you have to offer isn’t a problem, thanks to social media sponsored ads.  Marketing your products, services or even opportunities to them, however requires  much more than  that, you need to create a relationship with your prospects. Know what their problems are, get to know them better. Don’t just see them as potential customers, see them as friends, that will open up a lot of windows and break a lot of ice on your ways to success.

DON’T:  Do not Spam
This one is something I still see a lot this days online, lots of spamming links flying up and down, make easy money this and that… haba it’s annoying! Let me just tell you the truth, doing this will cause you more harm than good. Believe  me, sooner or later nobody will take you serious even when you have something of great value to offer. Provide valuable information and people naturally will  want listen to you.

DO: Be Relevant
One of the best  ways to serve as a lead funnel for your business is to become relevant in your niche. Provide value and people will come running to you for more and more.  Imagine a mechanic trying to perform surgery on a patient in the hospital, there could be only one outcome, disaster. A patient will feel more comfortable in the care of a medical personnel.  My point is, find what works for you and stick with it. Make yourself a voice  in your niche, wether supplements, nutritional, herbal, crypto currency.

DON’T: Become the Jack of  all trades
You must have heard of the popular saying  that “a Jack of all trade is the master of None”. This is very true and could hurt you especially when trying to prospect. I have seen people in my early days in network marketing that represent more than 4 different network marketing companies at the same time and guess what! They keep spamming everyone with links…haba! The worst part is that these people till today are still on the same level they were some years ago. Channel your energy towards one thing at a time and be good at it.

DO:  focus on quality leads
While everyone could be your potential customer, not everyone actually needs what you have to offer, you need to understand that. When  you market on social media, you need to qualify your leads first, see it as a way to filter them and how do you do that,its simple, by creating a relationships with people.

DON’T:  Prejudge
Lastly on this episode of do’s and don’t on social media when prospecting, I will like to tell you this “ Never assume that Mr/Mrs … will not make a good prospect or team member”.  Prejudy has cost a lot of entrepreneurs their potential best customers. Assumption in this case is very wrong, you cant know who your actual customers are until you get to approach them.  Best customer is not a tag written on people’s forehead,  you have to take a closer look  before writing people off. 

I  hope this few points will help you do better in your online prospecting adventure.  In the part 2 of this series I’m going to be sharing more tips to help you understand how to prospect online properly. 
Feel free to share with your friends , together let’s see how we  can make online prospecting better for all. HAPPY PROSPECTING!
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Adebola Frank
Have honestly been guilty of some of these DON'Ts. Thanks Mr. Cypriano for reconfiguring my mindset
October 28, 2019 11:18am
Eddy Eyin
Nice post sir.. I has really helped me!
February 19, 2019 11:56am
Sonia Adams
Reading this gives me some worth of responsibility
February 18, 2019 1:30pm
Adie Cypriano replied to Sonia Adams
I'm really glad you found value in the post, feel free to ask questions when required
December 12, 2019 4:53pm
It’s really insightful and apt. This post came in really timely
February 7, 2019 10:57pm


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