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The year 2019 was a blessing to so many people and many others saw it as a learning year in every sense of the word. I in particular benefited from the generosity of Mother Nature.
It is super easy to become overwhelmed by the economic situations in the country and drift towards frustration at the slightest thing that happens wrongly around you. That is understandable but totally needless to be honest.

Many people have been asking about my opinion on the next big idea that can help make their lives better, my answer has always been the same or similar 99% of the times. Most times in your mind, some of the biggest unanswered questions running through include:

How can I make life comfortable for family and myself?
What can I do to create additional income stream to compliment my current one?
How can I make some money from the internet?
How can I avoid being kicked around by my annoying boss every day at work?
How can I meet up with the everyday demands in my life?
My suggestion will always drift towards one idea, “Make good use of the internet”.  There many legal ways to make money from the internet, many!
Digital marketing
Affiliate marketing etc.

 If you have some of these questions running through your mind especially in 2019, well my foremost recommendation for the year 2020 will be Affiliate Marketing. Reason, because almost every other internet business in that list depends partly on affiliate marketing to grow well.

So, what is Affiliate marketing?
Simply put, it is a business model where a company pays you to generate traffic, leads and customers to their products or services. The company pays you commission for every purchase of the product or service that comes through you. Some companies even pay you for every person that visits their website through you. Sounds interesting right? Yeah, it is very interesting. There are thousands of people out there making very good money from this business and who says you can’t?  Read more about it here

So why should you choose to become and affiliate marketer in 2020?
LOW START UP COST:  Affiliate marketing is a cheap business to setup.  There is virtually no financial cost or commitments to begin the business. Though very few affiliate programs require you to join with a token. As  an affiliate 

  • You don’t have to create any product of your own, the company does all the production
  • You choose how you want to promote the product whether through free traffic or paid traffic (you can create a free website and social media accounts, they are also free to setup)
  • You don’t have to develop services
  • You don’t have to rent a physical store to keep products and hardware

YOU PROMOTE OR SELL WHAT YOU WANT: For me, this makes a whole lot of sense. I personally hate being forced to sell or do what goes against my principles. This is one of the advantages affiliate marketing has over Network marketing. Nobody has to force you to work with people or products you don’t desire to work with. And more importantly, no body pushes you to promote products you don’t believe in. You choose what you want to promote and having the freedom to do so makes a lot of sense to me. 
Here you have the opportunity to build a career in a particular niche your own way. That is why you should always work with only brands you’ve used, respect and personally value. Your integrity and reputation remains intact. Plus, selling what want to sell makes you more efficient, at least you don’t have to lie about the product as you already use and know about the product.

IT CAN BE DONE FROM THE COMFORT OF YOUR HOME: Just like every other home-based business it can be done from any part of the world, you can run the business even if you are confide to a wheelchair or you leave in Mars or Asgard…lol. What’s the point here? It’s a business you can do without having the trouble of facing a daily commute headache and all the issues associated with it. All you need is an internet connection and a phone/laptop. This means

  • You are your own boss
  • You are in control of your time. You decide when you want to work and how long you want to work.
  • You can earn as much as you want if you are good enough and put an honest effort into the business.

IT’S A BUSINESS YOU CAN GROW INTO A LARGE SCALE WITHIN A SHORT TIME:  Because affiliate marketing is a scalable business, you can easily transit from being an average affiliate to a super affiliate by taking advantage of great internet marketing tools like Email lists builders, Auto responders, Facebook ads, Solo ads etc. to make the business more passive. Here, you no longer need to be 100% involved in the everyday running of the business. Most of these tools take care of the business in your absence and you begin to make money even when you are sleeping.

To even take it further, you can create your own digital products (software, ebook, video course etc.) and hire your own affiliates to market it. All these can be done easily as it costs you little or nothing at all since they can be done online without renting an office or a store. This is what I call the next level in your business.

More details on why you need affiliate marketing model to grow your already existing brand will come later, look out for it. Our focus in this post is for startups.
I know at this point a rush of adrenaline is taking over your body and you are super excited to jump into  an affiliate marketing business right away, well you should; however it is very important to note that; 

1.  You must be ready to put in all the effort required to make it work for you, the money will not just fly into your bank account without working for it. If you have the make-money-quick mentality, I’d advise you to quietly carry your wahala and go. This is not for you. 

2. You would have to devote a good amount of time and effort to do the initial setup of the business.  Money will flow in when you have done initial setup properly. Take your time, work hard, work smart and you’d reap the rewards of your work. Don’t just read this post, TAKE ACTION TODAY!

This is where I’d stop for now, feel free to share what you’ve read/learnt here using any of our social media plugins below. And do well to subscribe to our newsletter to get all the latest update coming from us.

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Hassan irk
I must commend your effort to simplify the concept to beginners level, thanks for being honest.
May 19, 2020 9:27pm


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