Tips To Build A Solid Network Marketing Business
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Tips To Build A Solid Network Marketing Business
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Let me ask you a question before I begin, what is your approachg towards growing your network marketing business? 
In my early days in network marketing , I faced many challenges especially with converting prospects to customers, recruiting members of my team.
Why those were my early days in the business, today I can boldly say that it’s a thing of the past.  Though it took me a while to break free from those shackles. 
Today, many new and existing network marketers got through the same rough start like me, and until you make that effort to break away from that so called norm, the struggle would only continue. 
It is not uncommon to see new network marketers being overwhelmed and frustrated during the early stage of the business. I personally have encountered many. The initial stage of any business has a lot of challenges and so is network marketing.
When you focus on the right techniques to build your network marketing business, you generally become a winner.
So today, I’d share some of my top network marketing tips to keep you well on track to become a winner in the business:


Be willing to learn

If you really want to do well in your network marketing business, then spending a lot of time  learning about the business is not optional, it is a must do. Taking your time to  learn everything about the business could prove rewarding. 
Research shows that an average network marketer in the world today treat the business like a side hustle and so less attention is giving to it. And that explains why its only 2 out of every 100 network marketers   that makes it to the top. So if you want to break free from the norm, you must invest in yourself.

Have the right business mindset 

Starting a network marketing business should not be for fun. You should know that you are starting a real business.
One of the major problems with new people joining the network marketing business is that they are attracted by claims that they can make millions of naira with just a little or no effort at all. Unfortunately, what they don’t know is that, reaching that level of success requires and initial sacrifice of energy, time, strategies, personal development, etc.
You must treat your business as a real business not a hobby. The mind is capable of great things you don’t know, develop it well and you’d be well on your way to success.

Be persistent and determined

Some of the major rudiments for success in any business is persistence and determination; network marketing should not be any different. Talent is great, but without determination talent might like fail along the way. The world is filled with unsuccessful people with talent.  Educated but very poor people. 
Success is moving from defeat to defeat without losing enthusiasm.  Your never say die attitude is what will keep you moving on from a rejection in his business.  When things go wrong, because you have a vision for your business, you tell yourself that this is a new opportunity. 
Some of the most successful people in the network marketing industry were once failures; they learned from their mistakes and used those lessons to build a beautiful network that we all admire today. You can do the same.

You have to pay the price

There’s a popular saying that “hard work pay”, today I’ll say “hard work and smart work pays”. You have to be willing to put in the required effort to make your business a success. Put in your best ability and give it full commitment and back it up with consistency. There will be times when you don’t feel like going to work on your business, you’ve got to get up and work the work. Until you are willing to pay the price of success your business will be in a mediocre level.

Create a daily mode of operation

Having a daily action plan for your business is as important and the business itself. The daily action plan keeps you on track and focused only on income producing activities and waving off distractions that comes your way daily. It helps you manage your day well especially for those doing the business part time. Your daily mode of operation could include; calling prospects, getting new leads, making a follow up call, calling you team members etc. 

Teach your team duplication

The dream of every network marketer is to see his network multiply into a much larger entity. Now, what is key to this is a system that works and is duplicable in your team.  This is how you can build your team over thousands of members in a short period of time. 
It should be a system that works for you and is easy to replicate by your team members. This will help every member of the team build their own team quicker. It’s something I do with my team always and encourage anyone looking to build a solid foundation to find a strategy that works for you and share with your teams. They will pass it on to their own teams; and that when the power of leverage begins to work.
I’d conclude by saying that the road to success is never easy but it’s workable, with the right ingredients we will all get there. See you at the top. Cheers!!!

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Mercy Okeke
Really insightful. Thanks for the enlightenment
October 20, 2019 12:15am
Dennis Uchechukwu
Mr Cy your articles are getting better day by day
August 2, 2019 2:22pm
Eddidiong Daniel
Nice article sir, its okay
February 27, 2019 3:45pm