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Yeah its that time of the year again when resolutions begin to fly up and down, this is the time you see everyone’s status on social media carrying one pledge or the  other. Most times what you get to see or hear people promise themselves include new attitude, new commitments, to cut it short new everything. But if you pay close attention to these lists you’d realized one thing that stands above others as the top priority and guess what it is! FINANCIAL FREEDOM. Yet many peop...

How To Handle Rejections and Objections In Your MLM Business
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If not for anything,  the major objectives of an entrepreneur is to solve a problem and make profit doing so. Now one of the ways this is going to be possible is by selling.  And for those already in the world of sales, you already know by now that rejection is imminent at some point.Selling is what everyone does every time, many people just don’t know they are selling stuff, many of the people I’ve met during my network marketing adventure so far even claims they don’t like se...

How To Get Yourself Motivated In Your Business
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In the ever expanding, challenging and competitive world of network marketing, it is not uncommon to see distributors that become overwhelmed for one reason or the other especially when they are not getting the results they want.  And then they begin to wonder If they will ever become successful in the business. Well, I have to tell you that feelings like this are normal, I have personally had that kind of feeling many times. However, the way you handle such days is really important to y...

10 Things You Need To know Before Starting Your Business
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Attended an Enterprise Hub hangout somedays ago and during the cause of a meeting, a question was raised and it was, WHAT ARE THE KEY THINGS A PERSON NEEDS TO KNOW BEFORE STARTING A BUSINESS? And you could imagine the variety of answers that flew from all corners of the hall. So I've decided to put some down here to help upcoming entrepreneurs/ businessman make the best choices.In my years as a network marketer, I've learned so many things, made many mistakes and...

Free Radicals And It's Effect On The Human Body
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Free radicals are unstable atoms that can damage cells, causing illness and aging.Free radicals are linked to aging and a host of diseases, but little is known about their role in human health, or how to prevent them from making people sick.What are free radicals?Free radicals are thought to be responsible for age-related changes in appearance, such as wrinkles and gray hair.Understanding free radicals requires a basic knowledge of chemis...

Difference Between Passive Income and Residual Income
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 Although the two terms are often used somewhat synonymously, there are significant differences between the two. While there are similarities between the two, there are also several points of difference. We investigate what they each mean:Passive IncomeIncome that is earned through investments, real estate or certain internet ventures. Once the initial investment has been made (whether it be in time or monetarily), the individual does not have to be a...


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