Difference Between Network Marketing And Pyramid/Ponzi Scheme
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For so many years since the establishment of the network marketing industry, the ever growing industry has continued to expand and grow beyond borders, and more people are beginning to accept the business as a source of livelihood since then. In Africa, over the past two decades the knowledge of the industry has grown as well and it has successfully raised more multimillionaires than any other industry within the same period. In fact during my conversation with one of the distributors of a ne...

Online Prospecting Do's and Don'ts For Network Marketers (Part 1)
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During the early years of network marketing, people would have to devote most of their time on telephone calls, flyer distribution on roads and face to face presentations inorder to grow their business; while that was very much effective back then , it was simply tiring and could easily lead to burnout. In recent times all those have changed though they are still in practice even as I type this post. The primary vehicle that has changed the way network marketing prospecting is done is no other...

Tips On How To Invite Prospects In Your MLM Business
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One of the first sets of frustrating moment you experience as a network marketer is when you start inviting prospects to see a presentation and at the end of the day they dont show up! You'ld agree with me that its an experience we've hard our of share of.Sometimes it gets so bad that after doing all the invitations and booking appointments, these proapects don't even call or send you a message explaining why they couldn't make it.Getting to invite a prospect effec...

10 Common Mistakes Network Marketers Make
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Many network marketers are guilty of doing so many things wrongly, and these in turn accounts for one of the reasons why the industry's reputation has suffered a great deal, and people now associate it with terms like ponzi or pyramid scheme. Making mistakes is normal as a human, I mean, we all make mistakes at one point or the other. So today, I’m going to sharing  with you some of the common mistakes network marketers make that turns back to haunt them, and hop...

Tips To Build A Solid Network Marketing Business
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Let me ask you a question before I begin, what is your approachg towards growing your network marketing business? In my early days in network marketing , I faced many challenges especially with converting prospects to customers, recruiting members of my team.Why those were my early days in the business, today I can boldly say that it’s a thing of the past.  Though it took me a while to break free from those shackles. T...

How To Choose The Best MLM company To Join
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Making the best choice of MLM company to join when coming into the network marketing industry is very important. So how do you start a network marketing business and have the highest chance of success if you’re taking an honest look at this industry as a way out of the corporate grind? It’s a great question and one I failed to ask when I first got started.Nowadays, there is a huge number of companies operating on the principle of network marketing. Many are already establis...

How To Talk To A Stranger(cold market prospect) About Your Business
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After joining the MLM industry, filled with excitment you get to work starting with your family and friends (i.e your warm market). So what happens after you exhaust your warm market list? Do you stop and quit the business? No, instead It’s time to start sharing with strangers, those people you don’t know. Before you go talking to your cold market about your home business, there are a few things you need to know!In this article I will give you the do’s and do...

How To Find The Ideal Customers For Your MLM Business
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Having a good foundation for your networks marketing business is very important, and in order to ensure that, a network marketer must first be willing to take out time to identify target market and transform their services to fit their customer’s needs. Given the current state of the economy, technology advancement, and business competition, having a well-defined target market is vital than ever.Why ALMOST everyone could be a potential prospect, The fact of the matter is that no ...

How To Position Yourself In Your MLM business
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The traditional unprofessional method practiced by most Multi Level Marketers is giving the industry a bad reputation. Therefore your first task as a network marketer is positioning yourself as someone with a lot of credibility. By reading this article, you will learn what positioning means and how it helps you eliminate rejection and resistance from prospects, increase your perceived value in their minds and attract them to you.But What Is Positioning?When you pu...

How Network Marketing Works
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One of the things i like about the network marketing business is that it’s a business that is available to anyone. That is exactly one of the reasons why network marketing works. Any person can become that 6-figure or million dollar/naira earner if done the right way.Unlike traditional corporate workplaces, everyone in MLM has an equal opportunity to reach the top.People are constantly debating why network marketing works or it does not work. I guarantee that peo...

What Do You Know About Network Marketing?
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Multi-level marketing ( MLM ), also known as network marketing, and referral marketing , is a marketing strategy for the sale of products or services where the revenue of the MLM company is derived from a non-salaried workforce selling the company's products/services, while the earnings of the participants are derived from a pyramid-shaped or binary compensation commission system.According to business dictionary, its a Direct selling method in which independent-agents se...


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