Tips On How To Invite Prospects In Your MLM Business
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One of the first sets of frustrating moment you experience as a network marketer is when you start inviting prospects to see a presentation and at the end of the day they dont show up! You'ld agree with me that its an experience we've hard our of share of.Sometimes it gets so bad that after doing all the invitations and booking appointments, these proapects don't even call or send you a message explaining why they couldn't make it.Getting to invite a prospect effec...

How To Get Yourself Motivated In Your Business
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In the ever expanding, challenging and competitive world of network marketing, it is not uncommon to see distributors that become overwhelmed for one reason or the other especially when they are not getting the results they want.  And then they begin to wonder If they will ever become successful in the business. Well, I have to tell you that feelings like this are normal, I have personally had that kind of feeling many times. However, the way you handle such days is really important to y...

10 Common Mistakes Network Marketers Make
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Many network marketers are guilty of doing so many things wrongly, and these in turn accounts for one of the reasons why the industry's reputation has suffered a great deal, and people now associate it with terms like ponzi or pyramid scheme. Making mistakes is normal as a human, I mean, we all make mistakes at one point or the other. So today, I’m going to sharing  with you some of the common mistakes network marketers make that turns back to haunt them, and hop...

Tips To Build A Solid Network Marketing Business
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Let me ask you a question before I begin, what is your approachg towards growing your network marketing business? In my early days in network marketing , I faced many challenges especially with converting prospects to customers, recruiting members of my team.Why those were my early days in the business, today I can boldly say that it’s a thing of the past.  Though it took me a while to break free from those shackles. T...

10 Things You Need To know Before Starting Your Business
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Attended an Enterprise Hub hangout somedays ago and during the cause of a meeting, a question was raised and it was, WHAT ARE THE KEY THINGS A PERSON NEEDS TO KNOW BEFORE STARTING A BUSINESS? And you could imagine the variety of answers that flew from all corners of the hall. So I've decided to put some down here to help upcoming entrepreneurs/ businessman make the best choices.In my years as a network marketer, I've learned so many things, made many mistakes and...


Tips On How To Invite Prospects In Your MLM Business
How To Get Yourself Motivated In Your Business