About Adie Cypriano

Hello! Its my privilege to meet you. I'm Adie Cyprian, but my friends call me Cypriano, I hope you do the same. I live in Abuja (Nigeria) from where I'm currently running my network marketing business globally.

What I love most about this industry is helping others, the level of personal development it brings, the ability to be your own boss and call your own shots, working from a phone/laptop anywhere in the world, and the residual income.

Let me start by telling you that I’m not a guru, although I am quite knowledgeable about the industry. I am simply an average, hard working, determined, committed person who made the decision to get started and make this my profession.

I can't say was born into a poor home, No I wasn't. My family lived a comfortable life enough to stay happy. But all that soon changed after the death of my dad and reality strucked us. Life became a bit of a struggle, things suddenly changed and we weren't as comfortable as we use to be financially.

Thanks to my mum who never gave in to the challenges, we were able to adjust our ship to sail safe. She made sure we were equipped educationally at least to a college degree level. Love you mama.

During my 3rd year in the University of Abuja, my then Head of Statistics Department walked into the class one afternoon with a young and eloquent man. At that point we thought he was one of those usual help seekers that invade our class sessions in need of financial assistance. This guy proved us wrong, he turned out to be one of the former newspaper vendors parading around during our 1st year, many of us didn't even recognise him anymore. What happened? We asked ourselves. He was now a financially free guy, living a very good life, travelling to places,etc.. He found a system that works for him even without his everyday involvement in the business and that system triggered a chain reaction of income into his pocket. And what was this system, "NETWORK MARKETING". Since then I began to do my research on the industry, how it works, all the pros and cons of it until I finally fell in love with it. But there was a new problem( at least at that time), I didn't have the money to start or join the business opportunity.

Soon after graduating from the university, I got a teaching job and the desire to become financially free melted once again. I became a big part of the rat race and found myself getting very used to it. In the midst of my everyday struggles, I saw a need to diversify my income stream. Waiting for the monthly salaries became a chain-in-the-neck affair in my life. I had to do something; I needed to find a way out of those shackles.

In 2016 I finally joined a very good network marketing company called Alliance in Motion Global (AIM Global). But then again, something happened, despite all the training from the company and my lovely Up line I found it very difficult to convert my leads. I found motivation very hard to come by and my business became stalled for 2 years. Partly because I made some terrible mistakes such as

  •  Not taking massive action consistently
  •  Trying to create multiple streams of income before I built one solid income stream
  • Not having a clear daily mode of operation for my business
  •  Not being persistent and consistent with my business day in and day out

That trend continued until I found and read a book," ARRIVED AT SUCCESS", combined with other books such as "NETWORK MARKETING PRO". Guess what happened next, I took action and practiced what I read. That was my turning point, My business was reborn, conversion of leads has become less of a problem, my confidence level grew, and now more than ever before my team is growing very well. Today I can proudly say I'm running a successful network marketing business.

I have gone through the struggles of the rat race and believe me finding out time to run your business at the same time could be a very difficult challenge if you don't plan well. It takes discipline, hardwork and smart work to tackle this challenges. Everyday motivation is very important to get the best out of you and your team members, That is why I decided to create this  blog to help existing network marketers or people hoping to create multiple sources of income do that successfully and avoid making the same mistake I made.

I know there would be many who are still struggling to build their network marketing business; it presents a better approach to network marketing . . . an approach that really works.

Dear friend, are you considering getting started in this industry?
Or you’re already in but need some ideas to help you build your business fast?
I highly recommend you visit this blog regularly and take advantage of my FREE Home based business training resource and leverage off my years of experience. 

Remember, you've got to work the work. You have to take Action now.

Yours truly,
Adie Cypriano